About Me

The Mindset You Need for Growth

You’re here because you want to grow. You need new thinking. A leader in innovation.

Here are my key characteristics that have enabled me to be that innovation leader.


curious and creative by nature

As I reflect on how I became a leader in product development, management, and strategic marketing, I realized what my driving force has been all along - that relentless curiosity and questioning that drove my parents and classmates crazy! As it turns out, it’s really helpful when you’re trying to uncover big ideas. My natural creativity and ideation skills have also been handy when the team is solving the problems that surface in research.

Well balanced

Balancing priorities is a key criteria in user-centered design, and I carry that balanced mindset over into my off time. I’m busy enjoying nature, adventures, and contributing to worthy causes. Here are a few fun facts about what I do in my off-hours:

  • I love to garden and beautify my surroundings.  I grew up on an apple orchard which instilled in me a love of growing things, and an incredibly strong work ethic.

  • I love to give back (especially for cancer research) and cycling. Naturally Pelatonia (a major cycling event for cancer research funding) called to me.  I’ve done three century rides so far and I will keep on pedaling for a cure.  

  • I love to travel!  I’ve been far and wide with many more pins on the map for my bucket list. 

  • I love the great outdoors and I’m always seeking adventure (skiing, hiking, boating, you name it).

    But enough about me in my words. Read what my colleagues say below.



Team player

I have been so fortunate to work with the best and brightest in the business over the years.  Together we’ve accomplished great things, and made great memories. See below a few quotes from colleagues (and friends) to give you a sense for what it’s like having me on your team. You can find more on my LinkedIn profile.

Driven. Smart. Passionate. Authentic. Charlotte knows how to develop and execute growth strategies with the bottom line in mind. From publishing to technology, Charlotte brings creative solutions and makes solid decisions based on data. She holds herself and others accountable for results. Charlotte is a valuable asset to any organization she chooses to join.
— Shelly Stotzer, Executive Leader, Birkman Consultant
Working with Charlotte has been a great experience. Her continual focus and passion for the customer is evident in her working style and decision-making. Charlotte effortlessly works with others resulting in great outcomes.
— Erica Michaelson, Market Research Manager, McGraw-Hill Education
Charlotte is a talented and innovative product manager who sees and capitalizes on the opportunities others miss. She has directly impacted revenue and expense lines, moving each in the proper direction. She is detail-oriented and has the tenacity required to move projects from the beginning to their successful completion. I would not hesitate to hire Charlotte for any role that includes P&L responsibility.
— Scott Treadwell, Marketing Programs Director, Tansky Sawmill Toyota